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Service Testimonials


"I’ve never been a part of a “built-from-scratch” project like this but I can tell you that I’m very glad this has been my first experience! You were the reason I thought it worked so well. You were able to balance and manage the work that needed to get done while keeping it fun and something to look forward to." 
-- Project Team Member

"Danette is one of those rare individuals who can combine both task and people focus such that the right things get done on time, and those working with her enjoy the process and the interactions." 
-- Project Sponsor. High-Tech Manufacturing Organization

"What worked well in my opinion was, of course, we were a GOOD TEAM!! We did work well together but I think the role you played was crucial. Initially, we were not sure how this project was all going to come together and weren’t exactly sure of what we needed to do or what was expected of us. You quickly brought this into focus by laying out your framework for us." 
-- Project Team Member

"You did an excellent job of keeping us on schedule and driving us to a consensus, as needed. I appreciate the work that you did on your own to jumpā€start the modules and associated discussions. That was a big help! You also did a great job of questioning us and pushing us to think an area through. It was a good team effort!" 
-- Program Manager

Our Services

The Information Quality and Data Governance Specialists

Are you experiencing any of these issues...

  • Struggling to create a compelling business case for data quality investment?
  • Failing to get agreement on the strategy and tactics of your data quality initiative?
  • Missing appropriate data quality involvement in a data migration/integration project?
  • Unable to move from reactive, sporadic data quality "fixes" to a proactive footing?
  • Lacking action-oriented monitoring and reporting for data quality efforts?
  • Delaying purchase of data quality software due to inability to match tool functionality and organizational needs?

At Granite Falls we help you solve all of these problems, and many more.

Services Provided 

  • Executive awareness: Helping senior leaders understand the strategic importance of information and data governance
  • Training and workshops: Training your teams to become highly proficient at all facets of information quality management
  • Program assessment, design and implementation: Helping your programs with varying levels of input, ranging from a detailed review to a more collaborative, hands-on, program development strategy
  • Project planning and delivery: Implementing data-quality projects, incorporating a data quality focus into an existing project, or enabling an individual to manage data quality as part of his or her daily responsibilities
  • Team direction and alignment: Helping you create a sense of urgency and guiding vision to ensure your teams are pulling together and working towards the same goal
  • Implementation services: Providing specialized project delivery services and skills to help bring your information quality initiatives in on time.
  • One-on-one coaching: Offering ongoing mentorship for a particularly challenging phase of your initiative
  • Consulting for specific needs: Require something not listed here? We've delivered a complex range of information quality initiatives in the past so do talk to us about your specific requirements

Methodology and Delivery

At Granite Falls we combine industry thought-leadership [see our Executing Data Quality Projects book] with a proven track record of implementing often complex and challenging but ultimately successful information quality and data governance projects.

Our comprehensive and time-tested Ten Steps™ methodology has been implemented across a wide variety of organizations in a range of sectors, with incredible results.

Contact Us 

If you would like to explore how Granite Falls can help your organization create data quality and data governance success please contact us.