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Training Testimonials


"What an excellent class and instructor. I know I will be using the methodology that was taught in this class. This was the best data quality related class I've attended."

"Excellent content; Excellent Instructor; Great Presentation; Tons of usable information. All-around Excellent class."
“The class was great and could really help me with some of the challenges that we are currently facing."
“Effective class that I will be able to use on my job.”
"I'm impressed with everything about this workshop, especially the way Danette involved her audience in the presentation."
“Great course - should be required … as we move toward implementing on-going data quality efforts.”
“Good instructor. Kept things relevant and at the right pace.”
"Danette challenged me to think of things from the perspective of others."

Onsite Training

Do you need someone to coach or mentor your team so they can deliver to their full potential?

Danette McGilvray has educated hundreds of organizations and individuals, across many sectors and regions, imparting practical, results-driven techniques.

Danette is a highly sought after trainer and speaker. Consider joining her at one of her public events. To see Danette's conference and training schedule, please visit the events page.

Onsite Training Options

Here are some of the onsite training courses in the Granite Falls curriculum.  

  • Building the Business Case for Data Quality and Governance
  • Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information™
  • The Many Dimensions of Data Quality Explained
  • Information Quality in an Integrated World
  • Optimizing the ERP Environment through Data Quality and Governance
  • Data Integration and Quality – Helping Business Intelligience and Analytics Succeed
  • A Practitioner’s Guide to Communicating about Data
  • Building Bridges: Leadership Workshop 
  • Data Governance and Corporate Politics – It’s All About People and Gaining Support

Custom Training Options

Want to tailor something specifically to your needs?

No problem. We have helped hundreds of organizations achieve success in their data quality and data governance initiatives through the delivery of training designed to match your current project needs, skill levels, team mix and overall objectives.

Next Steps?

Contact Granite Falls today and we'll work with you to ensure your organization has the necessary data management skills for success.

Looking for online training options? Click here to learn about Danette's Data Quality Learning Plan.