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Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier

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Ten Steps Book

"Danette's book takes a pragmatic and practical approach to achieving the desired state of data quality within an organization. 

It is a 'must-read' for any organization starting out on the road to data quality."

- Susan Stewart Goubeaux, Director, Business Intelligence, FHLBanks Office of Finance

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3 Module Data Quality Online Training

Offered through DATAVERSITY Training Center

The Data Quality Learning Plan is a collection of three courses to build fundamental knowledge of a Data Quality Program. If all three courses are completed, a certificate of completion will be issued. 

Each Course Contains:

  •  A 55-80 minute educational training video
  •  Trainer: Danette McGilvray
  •  A 24 - 28 question exam
  •  Materials for each course will be made available to download once the exam has been completed

Click here to learn more about the 3 Module Data Quality Learning Plan.

Module 1: DQ1 Data Quality Essentials: What Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Know

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It is important to understand:

  • Data is a vital asset to be managed
  • Data should be managed as intentionally as other assets in your organization
  • Basics about data quality that anyone in an organization should know

You will learn:

  • Definition of data and information quality
  • Importance of data quality to your organization
  • What impacts the quality of data
  • Who is responsible for the quality of the data and the roles they play
  • What you can do about data quality

Module 2: DQ2 Data Quality Components: Getting Started with Data Quality

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It is important to understand:

  • There are many pieces and parts to be managed to ensure high quality data
  • Both concepts and processes are necessary to be most effective in your data quality work

You will learn:

  • The Information Environment and its impact on data quality
  • The Framework for Information Quality - elements necessary for high quality data
  • The Ten Steps™ Process – practical, actionable guide to create, assess, and improve the quality of your data

Module 3: DQ 3 Data Quality in Action: Putting Data Quality Into Practice

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It is important to understand:

  • Activities impacting data quality take place throughout the organization and must be addressed in order to manage data quality well
  • How data quality is put into practice

You will learn:

  • Data Quality in Action Triangle – how DQ is incorporated into and carried out through programs, projects, and operational processes
  • Challenges and best practices as you implement and sustain your data quality work