What is Information Quality?

Simply put, it is having the right information available at the right time and place and to the right people to run your business.  

Information is vital for any function: sales, marketing, procurement, manufacturing and planning, shipping, finance, human resources, etc. All companies depend on information for:

  • Management decision support
  • Completing transactions
  • Operations
  • Supply chain management
  • Customer satisfaction

Fundamental Principles

Treat information as an asset:

  • As an asset, information has value in the same way the facilities of an enterprise have value
  • Quantify the value of the information to make informed decisions about investing in information quality
  • Understand and manage the risk associated with information
  • Maximize the value of the information asset 
  • The value of information can be quantitatively measured based on the degree to which it supports the business processes and business objectives

Manage information as a resource:  

  • Information is a resource and is essential to performing business processes and achieving business objectives
  • Apply proven management principles that have been applied to financial, inventory, facilities, and human resources
  • Information is a product of any company’s business processes, just as the products a company sells are products of its manufacturing processes.

Our Mission

  • To help companies improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and decrease costs by managing information as both a resource (a source of help) and an asset (a source drawn on by a company for making profit)
  • To promote and integrate the deliberate and intentional management of information and data into all aspects of business
  • To leverage innovation and best practices from other industries, functions, and disciplines and apply them effectively to information quality and value